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Team & Individual Sports Portraits

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Sample Sports Session

Watch this video for a sample of a Kaptured Senior/Sports Session

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You don't have to be a Professional Athlete to get Awesome Sports Portraits!

  • Good Enough is not Good Enough!
  • Don't know where to start when it comes to sports portraits?
  • Want a simple process?
  • Don't want your sports photos to be plain vanilla assembly line studio photos?
  • Concerned your star athlete will look or feel awkward?
  • Don't know where to shoot your session?

We've got your back!

Sports Gallery

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Simple Process

Easy as 1-2 ready GO!

Schedule a quick phone call so I can answer all of your questions and learn more about your athlete's unique personality and style.


It’s time to have fun! We will use a great location to ensure we capture dramatic artistic images that show your personality, style, and skills. I’ll assist your athlete with posing so they are confident. No awkward or stiff poses! You’ll have images you both love.


Let's meet and pick your favorite photos on a big screen! I’ll help you select images and products that best fit your needs and budget.


My shooting & Posing Style

  • I love learning as much as I can about my client before their session. This helps me find poses that fit their personality, the location, and the type of session.
  • I gather lots of posing examples. Before your session I will ask you to find some favorite poses and bring them to your session.
  • We always start with simple poses that we can build on to keep you relaxed.
  • We will talk and joke about all sorts of stuff to keep it fun.
  • We will typically look at sample poses on my phone for reference and I’ll let you choose poses that you are comfortable doing.
  • I’ll direct you with simple instructions. Sometimes showing you a pose by doing it myself which can be quite funny!
  • If a smile is needed I will say something ridiculous to get a natural smile!
  • This allows YOU to be YOU!
  • We can go as eXTREME as you wish with smoke, water, fireworks and bright lights! But we always keep it safe!
  • You walk away with an awesome variety of photos that capture the full range of your talents.

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Let's Get Started

As a parent of an athlete, I know how it feels! There’s a ton to do with practice, games, and school activities. Then the days are just one big blur!  Suddenly you realize you never documented any of their many years of accomplishments!

As a trusted sports portrait photographer, I can help you knock something off of your to do list. I guide my clients through the process so that all your athlete has to do is show up and enjoy a fun session.

I look forward to chatting with you, and walking you through each step of the process. You'll get photos and artwork that you can share and enjoy every day, instead of letting them sit on a thumb drive in a drawer!

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